CU Home Mortgage Solutions - Core Values

CU Home Mortgage Solutions - Core Values

Our core values guide our service

We are dedicated to enhancing your credit union services. As a CUSO, our core values mean we are motivated to provide responsive, friendly and effective help to your employees and for your members. CU Home Mortgage Solutions’ goals are to:

– solidifying your member relationship
– supporting your credit union home loan lending initiatives
– growing your credit union loan-to-share ratio and return on assets
– increasing opportunities for cross-selling products and services

We are friendly and professional, realizing the importance of knowledge and skilled communication in the mortgage financing industry. We will listen to your members and sincerely try to empathize with them throughout the home buying process. We will listen earnestly to your employees and effectively guide them through necessary regulatory processes. Our entire team is committed to excellent and competent service to you, our credit union partner.