Your partner, not your competitor

CU Home Mortgage Solutions (CUHMS) has been a trusted partner to credit unions since 2007.  CUHMS is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) providing mortgage services for credit unions in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. We are well capitalized and managed, providing our partners the assurance that we will survive market cycles and challenges. With a staff of veteran home loan professionals, we possess a thorough knowledge of all facets of real estate lending and loan servicing.

We are credit union-owned, so you can be sure that everything we do is focused on what’s best for your credit union and your members. We’ll manage your entire mortgage program or any part of it you designate. With our help you’ll be able to originate loans and select which mortgages you place in your loan portfolio. You won’t lose your member to a bank and, as your silent partner, we will not solicit your members. We deliver on our motto, “Your Partner, Not Your Competitor.”

CUHMS can help put regulatory concerns behind you so you can focus on your business. Navigating today’s complex maze of mortgage disclosure requirements, TIL regulations and GFE changes is challenging and time-consuming. But by partnering with CUHMS, you can spend more time on productivity and profitability because of our powerful online origination system that deliveries complete, accurate disclosures 24/7. Our automated compliance lets you focus on what you do best: providing fast and personalized service to your members.